The benefits of tourism

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If there is one thing that is fantastic and fascinating, then it is traveling. If you have not been hit by a travel bug, then you have not gone through a lot of traveling. When it comes down to the entire exercise and process of traveling and touring different areas then it becomes tourism. Tourism is not only great for the individual traveler but it has a great positive impact on the local community both economically, socially, or even politically. To start with, we know that the world of tourism is one of the main sources of income. Because in the first place if tourism did not occur the money that comes with it would not be there. For all those individual who are wondering how all the benefits that come with tourism trickle down to the local economy read along. In this article, we are going to look at not only the obvious benefits but also the not so obvious benefits that tourism brings to the local industry. The benefits include:



One of the most visible benefits that tourism has is that it provides employment opportunities to the local population. This can range from directly created opportunities like coach services, tour guide, hotel staff and the opening up of restaurants that require workers. Another benefit is that the businesses that set up base here not only pay wages to the local staff but they also buy the goods and product that they use from the local community.


Leads to increased spending in the local community

Another visible benefit of tourism is that it increases the rate at which money circulates in the local economy. This is majorly witnessed in two ways. For a start, it comes in the form of the money that is spent directly by the tourist in the local economy. This kind of money is not spent on tourism alone but on purchasing other commodities and human requirements like clothing, food, paying for medical services, hairdressing among other needs that are to be fulfilled. In its own particular way, generally tourism not only supports the local economy but it leads to improvement of the global trade. Secondly, the foreign capital that is earned from the tourist by either the individual businessmen or government is mostly re-injected back into the local economy this usually goes a long way in ensuring that, that locals are earning more money from the local economy.


Besides ensuring that the economy becomes prosperous, tourism allows the economy to develop multiple forms of income. This diversification is important to the local economy more especially during hard times as it immensely contributes to the development and stabilization of the local and traditional industries. The local community will not rely on a single industry for their income.


cgfcfgcdfcfcfdcxcWhen the local government earns foreign income, the entire community will also develop as the government will earn more taxes which will, in turn, be used in initiating public development projects. What this simply means is that there will be an overall improvement in the infrastructure like the building of modern roads, parks or even rehabilitation of public space.