Top Safety Gear You Need for Outdoor Camping

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If you are planning to go out camping, safety should come fast as this is an uncertain place, probably with wild animals. Thorough preparations will make your adventure a memorable one, whether you are camping alone, with family or a group of friends. According to experienced tour guides, the first safety measure is to understand the area you will be visiting and analyze if there is a potential threat such as dangerous wild animals, flashfloods and any other. If so, then you need to prepare well. Effortless Outdoors is a great website with more information about camping tips and the gear you will need. Further, here is a list of popular safety gear you need to bring along while going out for camping.

A flashlight

flashlightThis is probably the first thing you want to pack in your camping bag and make sure it has enough power to last you all through the nights you will be out. There are those powerful camping flashlights, which have larger lumen capability and are waterproof. Some animals get intimidated by the light and will not come near you. Further, you need to clearly see where you are stepping to avoid crawling and small wild animals like snakes and spiders.


Never plan on relying on your cellular network for communication and digital maps while out in the jungle. Most of the times, they will lose network and you may be left stranded out there. GPS network is powerful and connected to satellite maps and locators. Sophisticated devices can still work offline to tell you where you are and where you are going. Make sure that it has a reliable battery to stay on at all times. Some compass and physical maps could also compliment this and have you stay on the track always.

First Aid kits

People are bound to get injured or ill due to the challenges of weather and environment when they go out camping. It is highly advisable to have well equipped first aid kits. They should contain bandages, cotton wool swabs, disinfectant, painkillers, mosquito repellant solutions and gauzes among many others. It is also good to acquaint yourself with the items in the kit and know how to use them in case a need arises.

Waterproof covers

coversIt is common for it to rain while people are out camping. It is even worse when it rains during a hiking camp out. Flash floods can be dangerous if people are exposed to them for too long. However waterproof covers will protect your body and the items you are carrying from wetness at all times. Staying dry by all means is highly recommended. These covers should be long enough to cover all the required parts without leaving any exposed.

A camping knife

This camping utility tool is a must-have. It will come in handy more times than you can think. Whether you want to cut a rope, a tree branch or any other item, it will be there to help you. It is also your defense weapon in case of an attack while out there. It should be strong, have a non-slippery grip and sharp enough.

With the above safety gear, your camping out will be smooth and memorable. Tell your friends to make sure that they also bring such items, especially those that cannot be shared.